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Double bonus poker

A poker games where you can receive high payout just for receiving four of a kind in a row.

Three card poker

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american roulette

One game that enjoys popularity is the American Roulette, not just inland casinos but also online casinos.


Online Gaming Vs Casino Gaming, Pros and Cons

Gaming is a factor which excites most of the individuals around the world. It’s unique as it has been a common factor of entertainment for people across the world. But gaming has various features and platforms such as online gaming and casino gaming. So this problem of choice can make it hard for you to settle. Hence we have listed various pros and cons of both these platforms for you to decide your weekend plan of action.

Always and not always.

Online gaming gives you the chance to play as and when you like. These online games also include casino games which can be played whenever you feel like. But that is not the case of playing these games at casinos. You can play these games at casinos only when their open and hence that will not include always. Casinos follow a specific set of time and restrictions forcing you to abide by it.

Live vs Virtual

It is one of the most common differences between these platforms. Playing at a casino gives you the experience of witnessing the action up and close as it happens in real-time. This makes it all the more exciting and fun to witness. On the other online games provide a platform which is mainly virtual. As you can play it anywhere, you will be forced to witness all the action facing a screen. This is comforting for some and is not so comforting for some. Regardless of how far technology has reached witnessing moments while they happen still remain as the big deal.

Variety and limitation


Another difference between both is the availability of options. Online gamers tend to play a number of games as options are plenty and in abundance. But casino gaming is mainly restricted to whatever is available at the casino. In this manner, you are forced to play with whatever is available at the place. This might not seem like a huge problem for certain people as casinos always have the classic games which we all know about. But technology and innovation do not wait, so we cannot tell as to when will they become outdated.

Legality and scams

The factor of legality plays a crucial role in this regard. Most of the casinos are established, having all the required documents for existence. So all the payment options you make at this place are safe and secure depending upon the rules of the game. But online gaming cannot be trusted in the same manner as you trust your local casino. Many of these platforms might be fake, as they are just means to gather information about your bank account. Hence be aware of whom you share your details with before you end up facing a scam.

7 Fun Casino Facts You Probably Never Heard

Casinos have a long history of making and ruining people’s lives. There are unbelievable stories from the jungles of gambling which have proven to be a big punch on the illegality of casinos as they are looking at only as a bad addiction. The most famous casinos from Japan and America have some of the most interesting facts that you probably never heard.

Founder of FedEx gambled in Vegas to save his company from drowning

He did it! The founder of FedEx saved his dying company by gambling in Vegas and winning 27,000 dollars in blackjack. When the company almost crashed and had only 5000 dollars left, Frederick Smith decided flying to Vegas all he had. This was probably not the wisest decision they could take, but his gamble paid off for the company to be the world’s top courier service today.

You can voluntarily ban yourself from casino

If you have fallen for the addiction of gambling and cannot get away from it on your own, ban yourself. There are several states which offer the law of banning yourself. It becomes a criminal offence to step foot on the game floor once you have banned yourself. You can do it for a year, 5 years or for a lifetime. The law goes strict and can never back out once you have signed the agreement.

Gambling addicts require diapers

You will have no idea how big the gambling addiction is until you witness wet floors inside the casino, and it is not just regular water. The addiction can grow to such extent that the gamblers refuse to leave from their table if they are on a winning streak. Some come prepared with diapers, while some who turn lucky all of a sudden have no option but to pee in their pants to stay in the game.

The sandwich was invented in a casino

The legend goes back to 1765 when John Montagu used to be a huge gambler. He didn’t want to leave his seat to go and eat, so he asked his waiters to bring him some meat between sliced bread. And that is the story of the birth of the sandwich.

The world’s smallest casino is in a cab

The world’s smallest casino does not have an address, rather it is a medium to reach one. The Grosvenor Casino in  London is a mobile casino in the back of a cab, which has a gaming table, dealer, bar, and a TV. The promotional even lets riders play a game to donate to their charity.

Las Vegas is not the gambling capital of the world


The city of Macau is the largest gambling city in the world and best Vegas in its revenue by up to 5 times. While Vegas makes most of its money out of penny slots, most of the money generated in Macau comes from high rollers making huge bets on VIP games.

The first casino license in Las Vegas was issued to a woman

The history of Las Vegas is very complicated, and the casino industry was not even in the map of the city until 1920 when the first legal casino license was issued to a woman named Mayme Stocker for the Northern Club. She opened the casino under her name and offered the only five-game legal in Vegas- Stud poker, draw poker, lowball poker, 500, and bridge.

How to Become a Pro Blackjack Dealer

Ever had a thought while sitting on a game of blackjack about what it’d be like to be the dealer? It is hardly someone’s dream in middle school to be a casino dealer. But looking at the pristine and glamorous environment that is offered by the nightlife of casinos, being a dealer doesn’t seem like a bad idea, does it? Read through the article to know everything to become a dealer.

Job Description

The role of a dealer is to control the entire game of the table in a casino or an online gambling site. You will have certain responsibilities as a dealer to make sure the game runs smoothly, accurately and efficiently. The several tasks of a dealer involve:

Setting up the betting table before the game.

Make the table welcoming for new players and make sure they are comfortable.

Ensure the exchange and positions of the chips before and through the game.

Remind the players of the rules in case of any confusion and also ensure that the bets are within the limits of the table.

Maintain a fast-paced and smooth game by handling cards, chips, money, and other equipment properly.

Keep a mental record of the bets placed, transactions and the win and loss of bets by players.

Handle the ethics of the table and report any illegal activity to the floor manager immediately.

Beware of the professional blackjack players to ensure they aren’t card counting.

Essential Skills and Qualities

To be able to handle the rich customers, you need certain skills and charm to impress them and keep them glued to their seats. You will be dealing with a variety of personalities throughout your sessions, for which you will need to have

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Exceptional customer service skills

Great team working skills

Polite, tactful and friendly behaviour

Ability to think quickly and make fast calculations

Ability to concentrate for long periods

Ability to manage any complaints and difficult situations in a professional manner

Well-groomed and smart personality

Reasonable mental arithmetic agility

Ability to distinguish different colours

Good money management and trustworthy qualities

Physical endurance to stand throughout your shift

Working hours and salary

Working Hours and Conditions will depend on the casino you will be working in. At times you will get morning shifts which can be from 11 am to 7 pm, or you can be in night shift from 7 pm to 3 am. The downside is that you will have more workload in public holidays as that is when the casino will entertain the most crowd.

A professional dealer can have a salary from 15,000 dollars t0 20,000 dollars depending on the region. Apart from which if they are lucky enough to find generous customers, they can earn more than their salary just by tips.

Once you gain experience in your local casinos, you can see your future in the online casinos as a game inspector, monitoring the performance of the automated dealer bots, which is much more comfortable and all the bonus for the bots will come in your pocket.

Top Four Casino Games with the Chance to Win Big

Casinos have been around for ages and still continue to dominate a huge part of our life. They are places where you gain loads of fun and entertainment. The main reason behind all of this is because you will not stop gaming. Yes, that’s right, games are a huge part of casinos and are also a field which you tend to excel at. If you have tried your luck and have failed, we request you get back in there and try these four games which give you a big chance to win at.


Every single person has probably heard of this game at least once in their lifetime. Being one of the most popular games, Blackjack is easy to play. The rules are simple; as all you need to do is get cards close to 21. Every card has a certain value, and you need to make 21 using them. The highest hand in this regard can be called the Blackjack as it consists of an ace and any card with the value being 10. So what are you waiting for? Go play Blackjack.

Big Six Wheel

Many of you might already be familiar with this game. As the large wheel spins, it passes across various options, where each player wants it to land on their bet. Many players have utilised numerous strategies to win big at this game, with a few of them having been worked. One of these strategies is where you time the average spin of the wheel and then bet at the spot of two 40 to 1 long shot.


Baccarat is one of the oldest games which is still being played at casinos all around the world. This famous game consists of rules which make it easy and comfortable to play. As a player, you have the option to wager at three available options, such as the player’s hand, the banker’s hand or the tie. With these rules, Baccarat acts as a game which is quite similar to Blackjack. After you’ve placed these bets the dealer delivers two cards each for the player and the banker and depending on the value; a third card will be delivered and so no.


At first, craps might seem like a hard game to crack at, but with a little bit of attention and knowledge, you can do wonders at this game. Players concentrate on the outcome of the roll of dice. As this happens, numerous players come all around the table and make their bets. The first dice which is rolled will be known as ‘come out’. One can begin their bets by placing them on the ‘pass’ and ‘don’t pass’ sections of the table. Having knowledge of how it goes, over time even you will be able to get a knack over this game.


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